About Anatta Spa -wellness Blog is created by Nopparat  and Anatta Spa team.

Sharing update information about Massage tips, healthy lifestyle and tradional asian wellness treatment!  for people who love and enjoy spa and massage services.

I have been quite a journey 29 year living and travelling in Thailand and around Asia and now about 4 years in europe, living in Switzerland, my life have been completely changed, culture, lifestyle, Wether, Sports, food, Languages,  friends also my Body.

I have a lot to learn to living in the cold Country. And the most important thing is to keep myself strong and be happy 🙂 , as the times changing but my Favorit thing are always the same, I still spend 2 hours a week in spa and get a massage, i have massage Biel 70been doing this since i was 18 (it not easy for me in the first years in Switzerland to find good place) and finally i decided to open my own Massage praxis and Small Day Spa-Cosmetics business in Centre of Biel, Switzerland.

As a day spa business owner and physical therapist, my favourite topic are not just because just to be healthy or really well done in Spa business but also because  i would like to share some good tips for you, in the traditional way, some treatments, the secreat of Thaimassage, Thaiherb, Manual treatment, Thai food, Meditation, exercises, diet, beauty , cosmetics and of course, great reviews of you as a comment, question or any idea as well.

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